The Delaware County Democratic Committee exists for the purpose of getting Democrats elected to office. We work to combine our efforts to elect representatives to local, state and national government. We are a “big tent” Party; we unite under a general Democratic philosophy of striving to benefit the general welfare with special attention to those who need it. The Democratic Party, at all levels, is inclusive, striving for the greatest possible public participation in our society.

Interested Democrats run to represent their election district on the County Committee and Town Committees are subcommittees composed of all members of the County Committee from a specific town. Delaware County representatives to the New York State Democratic Committee are elected according to Assembly District, and then that body elects members to the Democratic National Committee.

Please take a moment and join us by clicking the Join button. We’ll keep you up to date on local and county-wide issues and invite you to events where you will meet your fellow dynamic, civic-minded people of Delaware County, NY. Even if you are not a resident of Delaware County, join us! We share elected leaders, and can still use your support!

County Committee Officers

County Committee Officers
Kathleen Hayek (Chair)
3736 County Hwy 22
Walton, NY 13856
Phone – 607-865-7201
Email – k_hayek@mac.com

Rosemarie Bryden (1st Vice Chair)
30 Private Drive #1
Delancey, NY 13752
Phone – 607-746-6908

Janet Tweed (2nd Vice Chair)
37 Clinton St
Delhi, NY 13731
Phone – 267-971-9254
Email – janetstweed@gmail.com

David Truscott (Treasurer)
10 Orchard St
Delhi, NY 13753
Phone – 607-746-2826

Email – dtruscott@delhitel.net

Sue Dapkins (Secretary)
1602 Davis Rd
Delhi, NY 13753
Phone – 607-746-6325
Email – sdapkins@gmail.com