Governor (4 Year Term)

Andrew Cuomo

Lt Governor (4 Year Term)

Kathy Hochul

Attorney General (4 Year Term)

Eric Schniederman

Comptroller (4 Year Term)

Thomas Dinapoli

Representative in State Senate 42nd District (2 Year Term)

Jen Metzger

Pramilla Malick  

Jen Metzger,,
Campaign Manager: Kelleigh McKenzie,, 845-518-7352


Representative in State Senate 51st District (2 Year Term)

Joyce St. George,,,
Campaign Manager: Zack Smith,, 607-643-5541


Representative in State Senate 52nd District (2 Year Term)

No Democratic Candidate at Present


Representative in State Assembly 101st District (2 Year Term)

Chad McEvoy

Representative in State Assembly 102nd District (2 Year Term, Currently Vacant)

Aidan O’Connor
Media Contact: Dustin Reidy,, 518-387-9037

Representative in State Assembly 122nd District (2 Year Term)

No Democratic Candidate at Present

Supreme Court Judge in 6th Judicial District (14 Year Term)


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