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  • commented on Andes 2018-08-09 23:08:32 -0400
    What’s going on in Andes is a Breakfast and Lunch Establishment, at Foodworks, County subsidized. I, as a restaurant owner feel that this is just not right, when we were told no business such as this would open there. We have sank our hard earned savings, gone without, bought every single piece of equipment, only to have the County betray us when, as I said, were told no such business would be opened. Make no mistake, a farmers market style establishment I’m all for. If this is allowed to continue, I personally will fight it tooth and nail. It would be great to have tax free status. We’d all love that.

    Please leave your name if, as a business owner you agree.

    Scott Finley, Two Old Tarts

    I’m posting this here first, before we go to the papers. We, as restaurant owners, demand an answer. Are you going to subsidize us?
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