Cannabis Reference List

Statement of the DCDC
Regarding Cannabis Sales and Consumption Venues/Facilities

Each municipality should decide whether to opt-out based on factual evidence and what it believes is in its own best interest.

The Sheriff’s letter to Town supervisors encouraging all of them to opt-out is an overreach of the Sheriff’s powers as Delaware County’s chief law enforcement officer; the sheriff’s role is dedicated to enforcing local laws, not creating them. 

The public policy question of whether cannabis should be legal is not relevant to the separate issue of allowing adult-use retail dispensaries or on-site consumption facilities to operate in Delaware County communities. Adult-use cannabis legislation was passed by the NYS Legislature and signed by the Governor in March 2021.  Disagreement with the law should be taken up with our state representatives and regulators, and not town supervisors and mayors. 

We stand for Delaware County constituents’ right to rely on the democratic process in each town or village to determine whether to opt-out or not. Because this is not a county-wide, but a town-by-town, decision, we strongly encourage all county residents to inform themselves on this issue and to communicate their position to their village and town boards and supervisors. 

The references used by our Issues Subcommittee follow:  from the bottom of page 4 and especially pp6-8 (ProCon is an extremely unbiased site according to mediabiasfactcheck)


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