A message from Kathleen Hayek

A message from Kathleen Hayek

Chair Notes...

March 2019

Hello Friend,

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter! The 2018 election year was a stellar success for Democrats and we in Delaware County did our part when we turned out the vote in record numbers.  We made some blue waves, for sure.  And the results are already producing progressive legislation and action! Is your head spinning with the speed of the bills passing in the State Senate?!  Thank you, Senator Metzger! And have you already lost track of how many town halls our Congressman Delgado has held since January? 

So now, what happens in 2019? 

We go LOCAL and build out our political infrastructure.  

And we do that by focusing on these three main goals that we've compiled and condensed from our last few meetings:

  1. Grow our local footprint.
  2. Register more voters.
  3. Win local seats in 2019.

Every action we take this year, singularly and as a team, that brings us closer to these goals, will make us stronger and better prepared for the 2020 elections and beyond. And there's no time to waste!

The new NYS election calendar  has eliminated a primary election, and has also moved petition gathering to March!  Yes, NOW!
This schedule change, plus our upcoming annual dinner, May 2nd, stacks a whole lot of tasks into the next 6 weeks! During the rest of this month and most of April our task is to simultaneously:

  • Gather petition signatures for our DCDC memberships and Judicial Delegates
    • Petition packets were handed out at last weekend's meeting.  See your town chair or Paula Schermerhorn for more info.
  • Recruit candidates for town offices,
    • I'm researching candidate training options for a May training session, so please forward relevant contacts/info to me. Thx!  Also, if you know of a great candidate that needs convincing, I'm willing to help!  Call me at 607-865-7201!
  • Sell dinner booklet ads, (see Persons of the Year below...)
    • See your Town Chair for the new pre-filled ad form for selling ads to last year's ad buyers, or download blank forms from our new ad sales page. Now you, any supporter, can set up and pay for your own ad by following the instructions at: dcnydems.org/ad-info!  
  • Sell annual dinner tickets, and 
    • And since we're selling ads, why not up sell (would you like fries with that?) while you're at it and add dinner tickets, too?  Dinner tickets have gone up to $55 each, but get them at $50 when you buy a booster ad for $5 or any ad larger. There's a place to indicate the number of tickets and names of the ticket holders on the ad form.
  • Register new voters!
    • And speaking of up selling!  Make sure you carry voter registration forms with you when you're out gathering petition signatures!  Let "each one, register one" be our motto this year! (Thanks, Hamden!) Get the forms from your Town Chair or the BOE, 3 Gallant Ave, Delhi.

If we all get out there and tackle that list above... we'll truly have something to celebrate at our May 2nd Annual Dinner –– filled coffers, new members, great candidates, more registered Democrats, and good company to boot! To volunteer for any of these tasks contact your Town Chair, or email Melissa Bennett. Don't forget to buy your own tickets!  And Booster Ads!  


Welcome, new DCDC members! Eric Ball of Walton, and Susan Barnett of Franklin were appointed unanimously at our January meeting held February 4th. Jessica Patterson of Franklin was also appointed unanimously at our February meeting held March 2nd. 

Our rescheduled monthly meeting last Saturday, March 2nd, was well attended and by people who normally can not attend our evening gatherings. Should we hold our January/February meetings on Saturday mornings next year?  Let's your Town Chair know if you think this is a good idea.  

NYS Democratic Committee Meeting, March 4th in Rye Brook, was attended by myself and our new state committee member, Joyce St. George, carrying 2 members' proxies.  We passed 3 amendments to the by-laws that will make the election of NYSDC Executive Committee members more transparent, accurate, and responsible.  We also voted yea on passing –– after a passionate, inspiringly democratic, respectful and enlightening debate, led by our new state chair –– a resolution to ban fusion voting.  This resolution will be forwarded to the state legislature as it is a proposed change to state election law, so expect much more debate on this issue in the year to come.  We also elected Jay Jacobs as our state party chair.  I personally thanked him for demonstrating fairness and levelheaded leadership from the moment he took over the gavel.

The DCDC has a new official and permanent address!  It is: 

Delaware County Democratic Committee, PO Box 222, Delhi, NY 13753

Announcing our Democratic Persons of the Year! 
It was impossible to decide on one this year, so our Nominating Committee chose THREE!  And they are... Melissa Bennett and Anthony White of Hamden, and Dave Kopecek of Delhi!  According to Mel Greenberg of the Nominating Committee, "All worked tirelessly this past year, and all three were particularly key in “Turning 19 Blue”. It is really impossible to distinguish the importance of what each of them has accomplished this past year, and thus all three should be recognized."  Please join me in congratulating them and thanking them... by buying an ad in their honor!  

Next Up In Our March Calendar

DCDC Monthly Meeting, Wednesday, March 27, 7pm, Hamden Town Hall, Hamden.  Bring your completed ad sales forms and payments.  Printed dinner tickets will be available for sale and distribution. We will be discussing changes to our by-laws. 


I will always close every communication with an opportunity for you to lend a financial hand to the DCDC efforts!  If you'd like to support our outreach to you and add to the coffers to support our local candidates, you may donate online right here!  Remember, every single dollar we collect works for us right here in Delaware County! Thanks, again!

But enough talk, let's get out there!  We've got sig's, dollars, ads, candidates and voters to gather!  

In solidarity,
Kathleen Hayek

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