Congressman Antonio Delgado Newsletter

Congressman Antonio Delgado Newsletter


It was a busy and exciting August—including the enactment of my first bill, the Family Farmer Relief Act, holding seven town halls throughout the district, international travel, meeting with organizations doing important work across the region, and working on legislation critical to NY-19. I always enjoy connecting with people all across the district, and the opportunity to hear about the needs on the ground.

The last two weeks in the district focused on the priorities of seniors and older Americans, as well as an in-district work week on expanding access to affordable housing. If you’ve attended one of my 23 town halls, you will know that I am deeply focused on addressing inequality and empowering our communities with real economic opportunities from the ground up.

Seniors in Upstate New York continue to confront the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs as well as threats to Social Security and Medicare. I heard from seniors across the district about the need to ensure a safe and secure retirement for future generations. My conversations continue to focus my work in Congress to address the rising costs of prescription drugs and to expand access to affordable health care to everyone. Serving the interests of our seniors includes ensuring that their earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare remain protected and solvent for generations to come.

40 million Americans live in poverty, and one of the most critical ways to lift families out of poverty is to ensure there is affordable housing. During my last in-district work week, I focused on this issue and met with organizations and local officials committed to finding solutions. I also visited with residents of public housing to hear from them about the ways in which more support could be provided. Coming out of those conversations it is clear that far too many members of our community are struggling to find quality, affordable housing. Addressing this need is essential for upward mobility for working families, and economic growth for our communities.

I am looking forward to another active month in the district in September and thank you all for joining me in this process. I hope to see you at a town hall in your neighborhood soon!





Delgado Named Among Most Active, Most Effective House Members

During the August in-district work period, Quorum Analytics named me one of the most active and effective members of the House. To date, I am very proud to have introduced and co-led seventeen bills. The report also recognized just six House freshman from either party to have legislation pass in both the House and Senate. As discussed in the previous newsletter, my bill, the Family Farmer Relief Act, was signed into law by President Trump in late August.

Strengthening Financial Aid for Students Act

Earlier this month, I introduced the bipartisan Strengthening Financial Aid for Students Act, also known as Strengthening FAFSA. The bill aims to increase higher education opportunities by making aid more accessible for working and non-traditional students who must work while pursuing their degree or take time off to care for family. Strengthening FAFSA allows more students to access higher education by extending students’ lifetime Pell Grant eligibility, and fortifying the Income Protection Allowance program. Learn more about the bill here.

Chair of Democratic Caucus Sponsors Delgado’s Medicare-X Choice Act

At the close of the August in-district work period, the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and fifth-ranking House Democrat, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, signed on as a co-sponsor to my Medicare-X Choice Act. The legislation achieves universal healthcare by combining Medicare physician networks and reimbursement rates with Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage standards to create a new, public option available to all Americans. Learn more about the bill here.

Gun Violence Protection

As a member of the House Task Force to Prevent Gun Violence, I continue to urge Senator McConnell to take up and pass both H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, and H.R. 1112, which closes the Charleston Loophole. In addition, the House Judiciary Committee just passed H.R. 3076, the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, which I co-sponsored. This is a “red flag bill” that would empower individuals and law enforcement to ensure that those who pose a threat to themselves and others do not have access to firearms.



AARP Forum on Skyrocketing Cost of Prescription Drugs

Rep. Delgado takes questions from New Paltz seniors on the need to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

I joined AARP for a forum on the runaway costs of prescription drugs for our seniors. Congress must take action to stop price gouging, increase competition, and bring more generics to market. My health care legislation, the Medicare-X Choice Act, gives Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry. I will continue to make addressing the rising cost of prescription drugs a priority while I’m in Congress.

Twenty-third Town Hall in NY-19, Third in Rensselaer County

Rep. Delgado answers questions from constituents about the need to lower health care costs and topics important to residents of Stephentown at his 23rd town hall in NY-19.

On Monday, August 26, I held my 23rd town hall, and my third in Rensselaer County in Stephentown. Our conversation focused on a host of issues, including health care, job creation, gun violence, the environment, and trade. Being present and accessible to everyone all across NY-19 is a top priority of mine. In order to solve complicated problems and take on difficult issues, we must commit ourselves to civil and thoughtful dialogue that engages diverse points of view.

Meeting with Community Leaders Addressing Poverty at Opportunities for Otsego

Rep. Delgado hosts a roundtable at Opportunities for Otsego, Inc on the need to combat poverty and assist low-income communities in Otsego County.

During my most recent in-district work week, I held a roundtable at Opportunities for Otsego, Inc, in Oneonta with the board of directors, senior staff, and Oneonta Mayor, Gary Herzig. We gathered to discuss their work to combat poverty and assist low-income communities in Otsego County. It was truly moving and inspiring to be in the company of so many who are deeply committed to aiding and uplifting those in need. These conversations continue to inform my work in Congress.

Youth Affordable Housing Forum with Kite’s Nest

Rep. Delgado joins young people from Kite’s Nest in Hudson for a youth forum on young people and family experiences with affordable housing in Columbia County.

During my in-district work week focused on affordable housing, it was important for me to hear directly from the communities affected, including young people. At the end of the week, I held an open forum with young people from Kite’s Nest – an organization empowering young people and teenagers in the area with afterschool and leadership activities. During this forum, which was co-hosted by student organizers, Mia and Dezjuan, we heard from young people about their families’ experiences living in subsidized or low-income housing and discussed solutions that would expand access to affordable housing. I appreciate all who joined us at the forum to share their housing concerns, and I am deeply committed working together to highlight the need for investments in affordable housing in our communities.


I hope you’ll connect with us soon. We’re always here to help, and you can get in touch with us in the following ways:

  • Call 202-225-5614
  • Reach out online:
  • Visit the Kingston Office at 256 Clinton Avenue (open 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday), visit the Delhi Office at 111 Main Street (open 10 AM – 4 PM Tuesdays and Wednesdays), visit the Oneonta Office at 189 Main Street #500 (open 10 AM – 4 PM Thursdays and Fridays), visit our Liberty Office at 59 North Main St. #301 (open 10AM – 4PM Thursdays & Fridays), or visit our Hudson Office at 420 Warren St. (open Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10AM – 4PM)
  • Come to one of my town halls or public events:


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