Every twenty years New Yorkers have a chance to convene a state Constitutional Convention, or “Con Con” as it’s known in political circles. This is one of those years, and the Delaware County Democratic Committee joins a vast nonpartisan coalition in urging a NO vote on the issue this November.

While those in favor of a convention say it’s a rare chance to enact provisions that lawmakers have been unwilling or unable to legislate, there’s a far greater chance that existing provisions and protections will be weakened or removed. These include a woman’s right to choose, the right to collective bargaining, public pension benefits, anti-discrimination laws, environmental protections and other guarantees currently under assault by well-financed extremist groups from both inside and outside the state.

If voters approve Con Con this November, next year a total of 204 delegates will be elected statewide—3 from each of the 63 senatorial districts, and 15 at-large. These same extremist groups are expected to spend huge sums of money to elect those delegates (historically, sitting lawmakers and career politicians) who can be counted on to further their agenda.

While voters would have the final say on any proposed changes to the constitution, a convention in today’s political climate promises to be contentious, polarizing, costly to taxpayers, and not worth the risk. Don’t be conned by Con Con. Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention this November 7.

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  • Kathleen Hayek
    followed this page 2017-10-09 11:22:22 -0400
  • Lisa Tait
    commented 2017-10-09 11:02:37 -0400
    This is a BAD time for a NYS Constitutional Convention. We are in a post Citizens United era and the most lopsided income distribution in American history. Citizens United lets a small number of VERY wealthy people hide behind front organizations. Individuals can secretly invest enormous amounts of money in a disproportional funding of delegate races. This will not be a “People’s Convention”… not if we do it in this environment. A small number of extraordinarily deep pocketed individuals could essentially rewrite our Constitution to suit their agenda. VOTE NO CONCON. SPREAD THE WORD NOW!