Donate Yard Signs


Help Us Buy More Yard Signs!

In rural areas like ours, yard signs are still the quickest, best way, to get candidate's name recognition.  We get them printed in union shops where possible, and recycled, compostable, or recyclable where possible.  We reuse the metal stakes. Still, they are getting more expensive every year!

Here's what your donation will help fund:

  • $5 funds 1 sign
  • $10 funds 2 signs
  • $20 funds 4 signs
  • $50 funds 10 signs
  • $100 funds 20 signs
  • $350 will fund a local town candidate's budget for yard signs 

And of course, we'll put any amount you can donate to good responsible use!

Thank you!

PS: If you haven't done so already, you can reserve your yard signs here.

Who's donating

$3,812.00 raised
GOAL: $7,500.00

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