Delaware County Dem's Endorse Elizabeth Burns

Delaware County Dem's Endorse Elizabeth Burns

DELHI, SEPTEMBER 4 – Delaware County Democrats today announced their support of Judge Elizabeth Burns, of Cortland, NY, as the next Supreme Court Justice for New York’s 6th Judicial District.

“Given the broad range in the kinds of cases heard by the NY Supreme Court, our committee understands that an extensive and well-rounded judicial experience is an imperative qualification for a Supreme Court Justice nominee. In the field of candidates, Elizabeth Burns’ background clearly stands out as best in fulfilling this criterion, “ said Kathleen Hayek, Chairperson. “She has practiced law in courts throughout the district on both sides of the bench, including in Delaware County. She is also an experienced judge and advocate for Drug Treatment Court. With drug addiction continuing to plague our rural district, her experience and advocacy for this program is a strong asset in this race.”


Judge Burns has many years of experience as an “on the bench” judge, and this gives us an ample assessment of how she will handle the run of a trial and write a final verdict. This is particularly important to know as we are selecting a justice for a 14-year term. She is knowledgeable, centered, articulate, and very intelligent, yet approachable.” said Lisa Tait, Chair of the Middletown Democratic Committee, and member of the DCDC’s executive council. “Her resume shows an interesting discipline. She’s proven an ability to advance outside of her comfort zone and effectively learn new skills pretty quickly. I am confident Liz can win an election and perform well as a judge.”

To learn more about Judge Elizabeth Burns and other Democratic candidates on the September 13th and November 6th ballots, visit:


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