Feeling Powerless? (2)

Feeling Powerless? (2)

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. Call Rep. Faso! Say it’s not enough for him to vote against the tax bill. To prove he really opposes it FASO HAS TO WORK TO SLOW THE PROCESS DOWN! These tax overhaul bills will have major impact but show minimal public support or understanding. Legislators have been denied the time needed to read these bills. Journalists have been denied the time needed to report on them. The CBO has been denied the time needed to assess the economic impact. Constituents are being denied the time needed ask questions and give feedback. CALL FASO’s OFFICE TODAY. Say he needs to prove he’s working to slow this process down to let democracy work. Otherwise, his “No” vote is meaningless.

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  • Agmus Media
    commented 2019-09-30 08:09:11 -0400
    This is great vision and inspiring. Occasionally we oppressor ourselves and even con ourselves by bad feelings or self-talk. I find me requiring to sensibly accomplish my feelings and still fail rarely. I find the strategy ahead annotation particularly supportive and it is an opening for my way. Thank you.

    Regards: Agmus Media
  • anonymous
    commented 2018-01-15 06:55:12 -0500
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