Geoff Berman's Response to Claudia Tenney's Remark

Geoff Berman's Response to Claudia Tenney's Remark

From: Geoff Berman <[email protected]>
Date: February 23, 2018 at 12:27:05 PM EST
Subject: Our response to Claudia Tenney

Hello County Chairs and others -

You’ve probably seen the email and online activity we’ve launch in response to NY22 Republican Claudia Tenney's abhorrent remarks this week after the tragic school shooting in Florida.

Her baseless, right-wing attacks have drawn local, statewide, national, and even international attention. Yet, unbelievably, the state Republican Party still has her hosting their fundraiser next week (see attached…. more on that later).

This shows that we cannot let up. Today, we launched an education and engagement program -- which includes a petition people can sign to help build a movement to unseat Congresswoman Tenney and other NRA puppets and extreme conservatives up and down the ticket across the state. 

I kindly ask for your support in this campaign by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts - every new voter we make contact with can make the difference this November! 

Below are some sample posts you can use or spread around in your area. Thank you for all you do!


.@ClaudiaTenney owes #NY22, those affected by the #FloridaShooting, & ALL who have suffered from gun violence an apology! ADD YOUR NAME TODAY at 


[email protected]'s hometown paper had this to say: "Just when we thought Rep. Claudia Tenney could get no lower..." 

We agree, @UticaOD! 

Add your name and demand an apology from Tenney today! 


These right-wing, extremist, and personal attacks have no place in our politics. @ClaudiaTenney has embarrassed herself and the people on #NY. Demand she apologize now:

  Geoff Berman
  Executive Director
  New York State Democratic Party
  (212) 725-8825
@nydems @geoffberman

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