Hundreds Gather to Support Women in Delhi

Hundreds Gather to Support Women in Delhi


DELHI - Hundreds of women and men gathered in Delhi Saturday at Courthouse Square to make a stand to support women and with the hope that their voices be heard.

The crowd carried signs, many of which displayed anti- Trump rhetoric and concern over loss of rights. Music was performed and speakers such as Debra Marcus of Planned Parenthood in South Central New York, local democratic committee members and area residents, took to the microphone.

And it wasn’t just in Delhi - more than two million people across the world, led by hundreds of thousands who overwhelmed the nation’s capital, protested the first full day of President Trump’s tenure Saturday. They called for a “revolution” as a bulwark against the new administration and the Republican led Congress they fear will roll back reproductive, civil and human rights.

“I wanted to give local women who couldn’t afford the time or the expense to go to Washington D.C. or New York a venue,” said Lisa Tait, of the Delaware County Democratic Committee and chair of the town of Middletown. “The Democratic Committee is the sponsor, but we like to call our ourselves the facilitators. I think it’s great thing that locals can represent their beliefs close to home. I thought it would be a stronger statement if people in D.C. know that other areas show support, particular traditionally conservative areas. We want it to be known that we want our voices heard as well.”

Tait expressed her concerns, which to her, took place in the recent election.

“In the last election cycle, different groups of people were marginalized - some people began to classify themselves as the ‘real Americans’ and everyone else took a second class status. All of our voices and issues began to become marginalized. I wanted to give a voice to those people.”

Tahirah Clark, of Islamberg, said in her community, theft has taken place in addition to trespassing and harassment in regards to race.

“And yes, death threats,” she said.

Clark said individuals must stand and unite together.

“Knowledge about your neighbor can overcome fear,” she emphasized.

“We are seventeen years into the new century, it’s time to change and there needs to be equality for everyone,” said Ellen Verni.

“We came from that era of speaking our minds during the Vietnam War, we know how to fight and fighting equals results,” said Wendy Brackman, who said there is a “complete lack of ethics when it comes to Trump’s presidency.”

“If you have a break in the dam you have to catch it right away, or else it’s a deluge,” said Charlene McLaughlin.

“We want progress moving forward. The country is not in such bad shape. Doing away with what is already put in place is not the answer,” said Blythe Carey. “Obviously, people are sick of politicians and that’s how he got his votes.”

McLaughlin, Brackman, Carey and Teddy Margulies, collectively agreed that the electoral college voting method should be eradicated.

“If the popular vote is greater, than that side should win,” said Brackman.

“In all of the years of voting, I always thought my voice was heard and it wasn’t this year,” said Lynn Witkowski of Andes. “Today is my way of having my voice heard.”

Barb Palmer, of Jefferson, took to the crowds in Washington and described the experience as “incredible.”

“Though many of us never got to the actual ‘march’ site due to the enormous crowd, I felt I was marching as soon as I stepped off the bus,” she said. “We were in a sea of like minded, peaceful people, all walking to make a statement and support all people. The metro police couldn’t have been more helpful or patient - people were giving pink hats, water and snacks to strangers. I always felt safe and comfortable with the crowd, there just weren’t any problems. Groups of people would frequently break out in a chant and everyone within earshot joined in. I marched for those who couldn’t attend and for those who don’t even realize they needed us to do it.”  ###

more photos with captions at:

The Reporter, January 25, 2017, Front Page

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  • Kathleen Hayek
    commented 2017-01-25 20:17:43 -0500
    The most fantastic day! And it’s only the beginning…