Judy Garrison on Early Voting in NY

Judy Garrison on Early Voting in NY

From Judy Garrison
Democratic Commissioner of Elections for Delaware County, NY

I'm enthusiastic at the prospect of seeing New York join the 37 states that already provide access for early voters, especially now that the proposed legislation offers a minimal cost adaptation for low population counties like ours. To those who fear this will erode our rural tradition of voting locally on election day: that tradition is here to stay. To those who suggest the current option of the absentee ballot: that choice offers an early vote only to those swearing they will be out of the county or who are physically unable to come to the polls, not to those who anticipate a personal or work-related barrier on election day.

Governor Cuomo's has set aside $7 million for his Democracy Agenda - a bold set of reforms to ensure elections remain free and transparent and to modernize New York's antiquated voting system. You can sign a petition in support of early voting here:


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