Make 13 Unlucky for Trump

Make 13 Unlucky for Trump

County Chairs, State Committee Members, and Other Valued Members of Our NY Dems Family, 
I wanted you all to hear directly about the next phase of our 2018 efforts.
We have a real chance to fight back and make a difference in the direction of our state and our county this year. That’s why I am thrilled that, thanks to unprecedented efforts by Governor Cuomo, we are raising the resources to launch the robust program necessary to meet this extremely consequential election year.
Today we launched the MAKE 13 UNLUCKY FOR TRUMP: FIGHT BACK WITH YOUR VOTE” campaign to build awareness around the September 13 Primary Date and urge Democrats to get out and vote. As Donald Trump continues his assault on New York and tramples on New York values, it’s more important than ever that New Yorkers turn out and vote. The State Party's slate headed by our party's nominees Governor Andrew Cuomo, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, Tish James for Attorney General, and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, has never been stronger and we are in a firm position to run the table both in the State Senate and in the contested Congressional races. By encouraging voting in the primary, New York Democrats can send a strong rebuke to the Trump administration, and use the primary as dry run for GOTV in November's general election.
This effort will include an innovative digital, direct mail, and organizing effort to raise awareness around the unique Thursday primary date and ensure voters know when and where to cast their ballots. The primary date was moved from the solemn date of September 11 and the Rosh Hashanah holiday. This campaign will remind Democrats across the state to make their voices heard by voting to elect Democrats representing true New York Values on September 13.  

View the campaign video here and see the below graphic. The “MAKE 13 UNLUCKY FOR TRUMP: Fight Back with Your Vote” graphic will include pull-off stickers to encourage voters to remind themselves both of the date of the election and their personal reason to go vote. The full digital campaign will use the same graphic elements and direct voters to, which will house voter pledge cards as well as polling location resources.

Thanks to the Governor, the State Party is raising the resources to raise awareness, support Democrats on the ballot statewide up and down the ticket, and to make sure Democrats turn their anger and frustration with President Trump into action this year. In addition to digital awareness, this effortincludes hiring organizers, opening offices statewide, and having direct contact with hundreds of thousands of New York Democrats. Let’s show everyone that in New York, Democrats vote.

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