The Democratic Rural Conference of NY January 2018 Bulletin

The Democratic Rural Conference of NY January 2018 Bulletin

Message From Chair, Irene Stein

As 2017 has drawn to a close, we see the opportunity for a Democratic sweep from Congress to the Senate to our NYS leadership statewide and in both Legislative Houses. The very large number of candidates for our endorsements for Congress testify to the perceived shakiness of the Trump regime and the Republicans. His cynical trumpeting (no pun intended) of his concern for the middle class is belied by his actions benefiting the few AT the expense of the many. We need to build up our forces from the local level to beat back this wave of demagoguery and we are doing just that. 

The DRC has tried to put information out on its website to educate both ourselves and our candidates. We have offered campaign training, mentoring and technical advice. We have provided limited financial assistance. We are offering a workshop on how one community is fighting the opioid epidemic. 

We are planning our 2018 Conference (2018 DRC Conference, The Desmond Hotel, 660 Albany Shaker Rd. Albany, NY 12211 April 13th and 14th)  to feature our candidates for US Senate, Congress, statewide offices and state legislative offices. We will ask them for their ideas and plans to benefit our rural communities. We see the prospects of Democratic victories and majorities at all levels. Our enthusiasm is at a high level and our commitment is firm. We leave 2017 more united than ever and look forward to a glorious election in 2018.  

— Irene Stein


Read the entire Bulletin Here: DRC Bulletin #33, January 2018

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